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UnPlug’d11 Wasn’t Perfect, It Was Real

This post was co-authored by Rodd Lucier and Ben Hazzard then published at both: TheCleversheep.com and benhazzard.com. —– We are struggling. A couple of weeks ago we, Rodd and Ben, were participants and members of the organizing team for UnPlug’d, a Canadian Education Summit. As the website says: UnPlug’d brings together Canadian educational change agents [...]

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Sharing: Be Sure to Monitor Your ‘Heart Rate’

Sharing. It is quite the bandwagon term these days. Recently, I read a few news reports on CBC and a book called SPARK, that all talked about the value that cardio exercise can add to the brain. Basically, if anyone, including students in school, started the day with cardio exercise like running they are more [...]

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Unplug’d: Canadian Education Summit

Click here to listen to a dramatic reading of this post by the author.

There is a guy I know, named Rodd.  He had a skype chat with me this past summer and offered a number of interesting ideas: So, what would happen if educators from across Canada who were doing compelling things in the [...]

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