• Leveraging Regional Expertise: A Networked Response to Common A&E Needs through the PNC
    Provincial MISA (Managing Information for Student Achievement) Leaders Event,
    Ontario Ministry of Education,
    Toronto, Ontario. (March 2011)
  • Literacy Leaders Panel,
    Faculty of Education, University of Western Ontario.
    London, Ontario.  (January 2011)
  • What it Means to be a Change Agent
    TL Virtual Cafe
    Online Webinar. (April 2010)
  • Introduction to SMARTBoards
    Faculty of Education, University of Regina
    Regina, Saskatchewan (February 2009)
  • SouthWest Regional Conference, Marshall, Minnesota (October 2008)
    Presentations: 1 & 2
  • Using Co-Teaching Strategies to Assist Teachers in
    Making Mathematics Accessible to All Students,

    Provincial Symposium: Assessment and Evaluation 2008,
    Ontario Ministry of Education
    Toronto, Ontario. (January 2008)
  • Educomm 2007 (Anaheim, CA)
    Learner In Charge, Podcasting as Professional Development
  • OAME 2007:
    OAME Intermediate 2007.notebook
    OAME Junior 2007.notebook
    OAME Primary 2007.notebook
  • Diploma Instructor’s Conference: Ontario Agricultural College
    diploma instructors conference.pdf
  • V-Stream Symposium at the University of Western Ontario
    When Video Is Irrelevant.pdf
  • Podcasting Workshop
  • University of Western Ontario: SMARTBoards, Tribes, & Geography
    http://www.pdtogo.com/files/geography smart and tribes.notebook
  • Keynote presentation at the Ontario SMART User Group Conference in Oakville, Ontario
    The conference website is here: http://smarttech.com/ads/ontario2006/index.asp
    Hear the podcast of the keynote.
    Middle School Advanced Session file: session 1 oct 21.notebook
  • LLRC Preconference 2006 @ York University:
    Distance Learning: Download the pdf version of the presentation.
  • OAME 2006:
    The following are the resources from SMARTBoard and math session at the OAME 2006 Math Conference presentation in London, Ontario:
    Download the presentation file for the newest version of SMART Notebook (version 9.5).
    Download the presentation file for the 9.+ version of SMART Notebook.
    Download the pdf of the presentation.
  • Educomm 2006 (Orlando, FLA)
    Linking Learning with Blogs and Online Concept Mapping