Maybe Leadership Is Like Hockey

This year I’m working as a vice-principal. I’m working on my instructional leadership as well as the other dimensions of the job. The other stuff (managerial, operations) happens and I’m working on it.

I have equated this job to playing hockey. In hockey, good players skate around the ice and work, help the team, but also conserve energy. However, when they see something develop that will truly lead to a chance to score a goal, the hockey player breaks into a burst of speed to get to the puck or to the place on the ice that the puck will be in the next moment.


That is how I feel about the job. Lots of skating. Then you see the puck in the right spot. To help a child or family. To influence instructional changes. To actually use tech to help learning. Then I sprint to that and work at that with all my energy. Then settle back to the day to day. The questions I ask myself are:
1) Am I able to see the opportunities?
2) Am I able to convert the opportunities into reality?
3) Are my other tasks, and my efficiency or inefficiency at them, hindering the opportunities?

That is pretty much as honest as I can be. Sometimes I’ve got the puck but most of the game is skating and looking for where the next opportunity will be.