Running your first marathon…

On Sunday, September 26, 2010 I ran my first marathon.  A friend wrote and sent this to me based on our conversations before and after the race.  It is based on the writing form popularized on the 1000 Awesome Things blog.

Running your first marathon…

It takes focus.  It takes determination.  It takes working toward a goal for years.  It takes accomplishing many mini-milestones along the way.  It takes intense training.

It is not easy.  You endure many training runs.  You endure the pain.  You endure the massages that creep you out.

Then finally, you run in a combination of pain and exhilaration for hours.  And right when you are about to finish, you remove your headphones and connect for a moment with God, in total thanksgiving, as you feel His incredible love.

And then you, with tears glistening,  finally cross the finish line of your very first marathon. ~ Awesome!