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Timmy’s & A Tip #4: Listening To Students

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What motivated me on the TEDxOntarioEd journey?

If you had been there after the TEDxOntarioEd event you would have seen it. After the 13 satellite locations across North America had shut off their web cameras and laptops. After the speakers, live and remote, had settled their nerves, given their talks and moved on. After in person attendees had left the TEDx site [...]

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TEDxOntarioEd: Moments of Adversity that Empower

There was Tim, a grade 11 student, standing in the spotlight at TEDxOntarioEd with his baseball cap on shielding his eyes from the glare. He spoke about what motivates students who are not succeeding in school. Just a few slides into the 5 minute presentation, which was following academics, teachers, a Hollywood writer, a journalist, [...]

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