Finding Content that Click with SMARTBoards or ‘Becoming a Superhero’

This presentation was shared in Marshall, Minnesota on October 16th. This session focused on the following.

How can you efficiently build a stream of content to enhance your classroom environment? How can you find engaging content without sacrificing all your time?
Participants will explore:
• Online tools for reading streams of content
• Streams and sources of content that match your content
• Building a professional learning network that will enable a ‘virtual staffroom’ with like-minded teachers.

Cross-Classroom Collaboration Presentation

The following presentation was presented in Marshall, Minnesota on October 16th, 2008. The focus of this session was the following.

How can you extend your classroom to include professional collaboration that links classroom for student projects?
Participants will explore:
– Finding the right partner based on your professional comforts
– Matching your comforts to project ideas
– Tools that enable a collaboration project with the right partnership

I welcome your comments and thoughts from the slides below. This presentation is a brief version of my research that resulted in