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Introducing: (Welcome Video) Have you ever wanted to find a partner for collaboration between classrooms? Is there more to finding a collaboration partner then just your grade level, or geographic location? These are a few of the questions and concerns that I explored when creating this website. The website is the product of a [...]

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The Value of IWBs?

This post is a comment that I made on Wes Fryer’s Speaking of Creativity blog in response to his ideas about SMART Notebook now requiring activation. The ideas of fellow commenter Gary Stager are also referenced. Unfortunately my comment seems to be caught in the moderation loop or has not been approved. Here are my [...]

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The Genesis of My Current Research Interests

It was June 2005, the last week of school before the summer holidays, and a heat wave had taken hold of the city. The computer lab on the second floor of the school was registering temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celsius and packed with my class of adolescent students. Instead of the usual comments, [...]

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