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Sorting, and Functionality Built In

An important aspect of the design research is for website users to be able to locate suitable partners. There for a top menu items has been added: “Find Collaboration Partners”. This links to a webpage that will give options for several different types of ‘sorts’ that may occur. To create a view within the Drupal [...]

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Punish Pirates Not Families

Below is my email to my member of parliament about Canada’s proposed Copyright Legislation. I am willing to go on the record with my view. Hello Ms. Davidson, Bill C-61 has been introduced by your government, and as my member of parliament, I am hopeful that you will vote against this law that strips consumers [...]

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Task Flow Diagrams

Task flow diagrams are useful to understand the number of actions that it takes users to complete a task on the website. Two tasks are shared here: new users signing up to the site, and entering profile information. I decided to begin to track the process for each task on the site after two powerful [...]

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