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The Regular, Thanks for the Coffee

“The regular, thanks for the coffee.” The morning is crisp. Slight clouds escape from my mouth as the stroller rhythmically skips across the cracks in the sidewalk. Without breaking stride, I pierce the bubble of protection around my new son. Large eyes greet my gaze, and lips part to reveal a toothless grin. He doesn’t [...]

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Collaboration & Hierarchy

The following is a compilation / edit of comments on This followed a session that Stephen Downes held with Alec Couros’ grad class that I was able to be part of. The session has been archived here for future reference. Two topics emerged: is there collaboration at the point of creation, and does hierarchy [...]

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This Space

My aim for this space is to collect artifacts.  Artifacts of my projects, thinking, and journey through thought as well as life.  I am a member of several online communities, however each community and project is a fragmented part of my thinking.  This will be the collection agent. Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz [...]

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