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Committing to be an Active and Visible School Leader

Wearable Technology for Administrators: A Principal’s Nike Fuelband Experiment or Committing to be an Active and Visible School Leader Download the PDF Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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OAME 2012: Nudging Mathematical Thinking

Here is my slide deck. FYI: created with Paper iPad app, Bamboo Stylus, and PowerPoint. OAME 2012: Nudging Mathematical Thinking View more presentations from Ben Hazzard Here is the summary of my presentation via tweets from Marci Duncan: Some thoughts on the ideas… Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin [...]

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Maybe Leadership Is Like Hockey

This year I’m working as a vice-principal. I’m working on my instructional leadership as well as the other dimensions of the job. The other stuff (managerial, operations) happens and I’m working on it. I have equated this job to playing hockey. In hockey, good players skate around the ice and work, help the team, but [...]

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During UnPlug’d 11, the final circle sharing was emotional, vulnerable and moving. This September I began a new position as a Vice Principal. Remembering my final circle sharing helps me remember my ideals and encourages me to lead with courage. Here is what I shared: “I was thinking about Courage. Thank you for letting me [...]

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UnPlug’d11 Wasn’t Perfect, It Was Real

This post was co-authored by Rodd Lucier and Ben Hazzard then published at both: and —– We are struggling. A couple of weeks ago we, Rodd and Ben, were participants and members of the organizing team for UnPlug’d, a Canadian Education Summit. As the website says: UnPlug’d brings together Canadian educational change agents [...]

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Sharing: Be Sure to Monitor Your ‘Heart Rate’

Sharing. It is quite the bandwagon term these days. Recently, I read a few news reports on CBC and a book called SPARK, that all talked about the value that cardio exercise can add to the brain. Basically, if anyone, including students in school, started the day with cardio exercise like running they are more [...]

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Learning and Influence

This post is from Mary Palin, Tribes Master and was originally posted at To learn requires ‘influence’; to influence others requires knowledge (a synonym for ‘learning’). Right now, an online discussion is tweeting: the 31 day game. Two educators in Canada (one is also a Tribes TLC trainer) designed a professional learning game that [...]

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EdBookClub: Diving Deeper Into Learning

This post is best heard, not read. For the full version with additional sharing by Kelly, Lisa, Travis, Danny, Euen, Len, Tom, and Yoon you need to download the podcast! Want to subscribe?

Have you ever wanted to enrich a conversation with more credibility and dept of thought? Bringing this type of change is [...]

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Extending a Digital Footprint: Stories of my Grandfather

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Interaction with Grandpa happened in fields, over chess boards and with pointed fingers. At one point about 20 years ago, Grandpa decided that he could kill two birds with one stone. He wanted to have clean [...]

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Top 5 Soft Tools (as of Spring 2011):

The internet has changed everything. As we move toward the future, generations are beginning to grow up never knowing a world without having almost every computer in the world connected together. This idea will be threaded throughout this list of the top tools as of right now (Spring 2011). Rodd Lucier, hinted toward this in [...]

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